Five Common Mistakes Most Businesses Do Whilst In The Digital World

We are living in the digital age, where everything is available online and if your business is not online then you are still living in the good old days. Research has it that millions of people are using social media every time and taking your business online is a good and productive decision to make. It is not just being online but you should be online and be productive. Most people want to be online but at the same time they don’t have the skills to maintain the professional and productive image they have in the physical world thus they end up giving up on the digital marketing terming it unproductive and inconvenience.

Here is a list of the mistakes people makes while taking their business online

  1. Lack of a digital strategy

Digital business world is as real as the geographical business world and thus just as the same way you need a business strategy in the geographical business world also you need a business strategy in the digital business world. Most people take their business online to look for clients without a marketing strategy and still expect the business to be productive. Every growing business needs active marketing strategy that helps them to grow towards productivity.

  • Misinformed

Most of business people get wrong information about going into the digital world. Most of the digital marketing agency approach business telling them they are going to sell their products online and promising them an instant growth in their products or services. We are not saying you can’t sell your products or services online but what we are saying is there are procedures for productive online business. One needs marketing strategy, finance, time and many other marketing resources just like the real business world. Marketing strategy needs time and finances, it needs planning, implementation, reporting and review. And these don’t just happen in a bling of an eye, it takes time, requires resources and commitment.

  • Lack of financial budget

Digital marketing is so real and productive provided all the resources required are put in place. Digital marketing required real research, application, implementation review and reporting. Without a financial budget any marketing strategy will automatically fail. Digital marketing strategy needs to follow all the marketing procedures and this will definitely take time, time to apply the strategy, and time to review the strengths and the weakness. It takes a minimum of six month for a marketing strategy to be successful. The problem of many business is they want to pay for digital services and expect results after one month and if doesn’t work they blame it on digital marketing being unproductive yet its them that were misinformed.

  • Lack of marketing skills

Hiring unskilled person is definitely a failure to your business, therefore looking for a professional or an agency with a positive reputation in the field is the best decision for a business to make. Designing professional and productive marketing strategy requires skills, innovation and a good understanding of business field. Marketing is dynamic, it changes every day and being up-to-date with the current happening in the marketing world is a compulsory thing for anyone in the digital marketing world.

  • Wrong audience

Taking your business online is taking your business where your clients are thus it is very important to choose the right audience depending on the kind of products or services you are in. Taking for example; having a local business in Nairobi, Kenya and having followers from different countries like Uganda, Tanzania or even South Africa and you don’t provide international deliveries. In this case you will get inquiries and customer calls but they will never be productive to your business financially. While you are online always target the right audience that is in terms of geographical, age and time

Prepared by:

Cornelius Edwin

Digital Consultant

Almonds Digital Solutions

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